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Hello surfers, yes,… that means you! November 30, 2010

Posted by Enginomist in Enginomist.

Welcome to my blog and this is my first entry with a warm welcome to you. First, do not believe all that you read here because I intend to use this blog as a diary and input material for a book that I’m writing.

Introduction, I’m a taxi driver for decades and have met ten of thousands of people with interesting background and all walks of life. There is no reason why I shouldn’t share these experience with all you good folks out there and I trust in time to come, I may just have a big fan club (ya, ya, wishful thinking).

Some of you must be wondering, what in the world is “Enginomist” (look there, there is a prominent red line under that word between the colons from the intelligent spell check tool, telling me that there is no such word.) In this blog, I am going to share my insights on this too.

As my taxi’s engine is still running, I got to go get my next passenger for now.

Once again, a welcome to my blog and do come back again!




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