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Enginomist- my thoughts December 2, 2010

Posted by Enginomist in Enginomist.

I would like to share my thoughts about the name “Enginomist”.

It has to do with my personal experiences and background. As I graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering in the field of Civil and Construction Engineering, it is natural for me to get my first job as an “Engineer”, especially after 4 hard years in the university. However, the job got too much of a routine for me and the environment became undesirable for the person who I want to be after 4 years.

As a construction site engineer, I had been faced with issues that had arise from the safety, compliance and deadline requirements of the clients; taking short cuts and easy way out from my sub-contractors; and the profitability bottom line from my management. These 3 factors usually are not in the same complementary in nature, in fact, they are conflicting by default. In one of my project work site, there was even a unfortunate case of fatal accident that resulted in the soil failure on the slope that cause the earth hitting one of the supervisor with a great impact before he could get away. He died in the hospital hours later due to multiple internal injuries from the large chunk of earth that rolled down the steep slope and hit him.

Although, the excavation subcontractor was supposed to maintain a slope gradient of 1:1, this was not carried out despite my numerous appeal to them. To them, to maintain a slope gradient of 1:1 for a 8 meters deep drain of 2 kilometers means more earth had to be excavated, removed from from the site and less working area to work with (as both sides of 8 meters will be catered for the slope).

After leaving the cyclical construction industry, I moved on to be the field of sales and marketing as the Sales Engineer. Years later, I was in charged of the global market as VP of Business Development. During my tenure there, I get to work with customers in the industries and field of consumers electronics, manufacturing, freight & logistics, hospitality, FMCG, banks and government tender projects. I get to know tonnes of great people of various roles and my favorite are the Economists.

Economists that I know come in all shapes and sizes (yes, literally). Unlike my earlier stereotype perceptive of them, not all of them talk about demand and supply, diminishing margin utility and buy low, sell high, all the time. I love sipping my favorite cup of cuppachino in Starbucks with my economists buddies to talk about conspiracy theories, oxymoron, game theories and also the state of health of our Mother Earth.

It was a few years ago during a very bad nightmare that I was going to die falling from a great height (more like a bottomless pit), I had that these incidents and experiences about my career, loved ones and experiences flashed in front of me. When I woke up, I put the 2 professionals together- Engineer + Economist and coined the term, Enginomist (yes, there is a red line running under this word from the intelligent spell check).

My definition of Enginomist is a professional practitioner of engineering with expertise in the social science discipline of economics. I’ll elaborate more about the distinctions of an enginomist compared to an engineer and/or economist in my later post. For now, I hope I have bring to your attention about this brand new term (Google it and you’ll find less than a page of hits for now).

Perhaps for now, you could start identifying those around you, or maybe you, are already an qualified enginomist!




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