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Judging a book by its cover December 5, 2010

Posted by Enginomist in Wisdom of a Taxi Driver.
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As most of my waking hours are spent on the road fetching passengers to their destination, I have my own personal experience of fellow road users- drivers and pedestrians,  from the highway to the narrow alleys. In my category “Wisdom of a Taxi Driver” of this blog, I share my personal opinions and views of what I see and happen on the road that could be related to life. Although they are my 2 cents worth, I hope you could share your comments on my posts.

Have you heard of the the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover“? I bet you do. On the road, I have a saying that goes “Do not judge the driver by the (type and condition of the) car (he/she drives)”.

Many of us drivers tend to prejudge the driver when we see the car type and/or its condition. Years ago before I come to understand this point, I would have made assumptions based on my past experiences and beliefs. For example, when my cab came to a halt behind a BMW with rear bumper that has a deep dent at a localized point, as though it had been stamped with great force by a pillar or lamp post that could fallen after the impact, my mind would tell me the driver one of the following:-

Assumptions [Reactions]

1. He is an atrocious driver [Keep a distance when the traffic light turns green]

2. He has hearing impairment as he did not hear the reverse sensor [Don’t bother honking later if he moves slowly or to warn him of any danger ahead]

3. He listens to his music at maximum volume and thus, did not hear the warning from the reverse sensor [Over take him and wind down my window in order to try to listen if it is rock metal, house or rap that he is favorite]

4. The driver is a car thief and it happened while trying to get away from the cops [Call 911]

As you can see the danger of judging the book by its cover, or rather, judging the driver by the car. More on that in future posts.



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