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Buying a HTC Desire HD? Maybe next year. December 7, 2010

Posted by Enginomist in Android Resources.
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Consumer electronics products these days are pack with so much features (and perceived benefits) that we rarely get to use all of them. Nevertheless, I think HTC Sense had done a good job in hearing what the consumers and, importantly, addressing them. Now it even goes online with even more features that allows to wipe and remotely locate your lost HTC phone. Review of HTC Desire HD are generally good for the speed, features like it’s cloud computing ability and able to support Flash 10.1. However, the most eyesore for many but not really for me is the awful battery life perhaps due to the 4.3″ glorious screen. For me, I do get a 12DC adapter in my cab, and can always give my smart phone boost of battery as and when I want.

Personally, even if I decide to get one eventually, it would be in early 2011 because it has limited stocks in the market now. In addition, I’m not in favor of getting the initial possible buggy products especially during launch and make frequent trips to service center. Furthermore, by then, more choices of accessories would be available at reasonable prices as I heard of folks who got their brand new HTC Desire HD and/or HTC Desire Z but unable to get the accessories they want.



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