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A Dinner that I want to join February 17, 2011

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Obama To Meet Steve Jobs And Other Tech Leaders For Dinner In S.F. – http://pulsene.ws/11EM3


Inflation in China getting Worse February 16, 2011

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China Inflation: Getting Worse and Coming To A Wal-Mart Near You – http://pulsene.ws/11vs7

Back after 2 Months February 16, 2011

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I’ve taken a 2 months break but it seemed like a year. Oh yes, it’s already 2011.

Thanks giving, Christmas, New Year and even Valentine’s Day is over. It seem like waking up from a coma. Hey, I’m supposed to be refreshed, rejuvenated and revitalized after a well deserved break. Okay, let me make some New Year Resolutions here:-

1. Follow Through; Finish Through– I’m good at starting projects, ideas and work and weak in finishing and completing them. It’s like a piece of  shit with a really hard and solid start, followed by watery splatter all over the toilet bowl that become spotty with the diarrhea-tic finish with no focus. I gotta get my act together, do what I’ve committed to all around me, and not just follow up, but THROUGH. Seeing and even touching the finishing line is not good enough, I must go through the finishing line!

2. Action, ACTion, ACTION– There are times when I think too much and resulted in no action- paralysis due to excessive analysis. Just do it. So often, I’ve think of updating this blog and even had started typing but was not posted because I thought it is not grammatically &/or politically &/or structurally &/or emotionally &/or religiously &/or whatever-ly, correct. Omigosh, just get it done and if it is not satisfactory, edit it. Still not up to expectation, revise it. Action creates momentum, Newton’s Law. Get the energy up and do do do.

3. Gratitude – I need to show appreciation to all around me, from spouse, family, colleagues, friends, clients. Do not let my internal emotion, frustration and irritation to spread outwards around me. Say “Thank you” and mean it. Do not fall into the “Thank you to you too” trap. Smile to strangers.

4. Time Management– cliche to say but it’s really a fact that everyone has 24 hours. Plan, Do, Check, Act. Be on time for all appointments and commitments.

5. Zen– be a miniamist. I’ve too much junks- receipts, credit card bills, catalogs, brochures, old text books, papers with notes scribbled on it, name cards of people who I vaguely remember. Be organized, be neat, be tidy, be RUTHLESS when deciding to throw the unwanted stuff away.

I shall end here because I have the urge to throw thing now.



Wikileaks website no longer accessible but… December 3, 2010

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… it still work if you type the domain number of WikiLeaks.org. If like most of us who try to find using a search engine or web browser will not be able to get it. (Read more)

only wikileaks dns still accessible

However, for those of you who would like to know what is Wikileaks’ IP address to access the website, I’ll leave them in this post’s tags (on top below December 3, 2010) for the courtesy of those who, like some of the corporations, give in to political pressure and see Wikileaks as a knife that hurts, rather than protect from those who could inflict hurt. It still works as of when I am writing this post. Clicking on it doesn’t bring you there and perhaps, you would have to copy it down to be type in your browser.

Due to the overwhelming curiosity (like me) and interest in the site, expect to wait a while to get to see Julian Assange and his appeal to “KEEP US STRONG- HELP WIKILEAKS KEEP GOVERNMENTS OPEN”.


Enginomist- my thoughts December 2, 2010

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I would like to share my thoughts about the name “Enginomist”.

It has to do with my personal experiences and background. As I graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering in the field of Civil and Construction Engineering, it is natural for me to get my first job as an “Engineer”, especially after 4 hard years in the university. However, the job got too much of a routine for me and the environment became undesirable for the person who I want to be after 4 years.

As a construction site engineer, I had been faced with issues that had arise from the safety, compliance and deadline requirements of the clients; taking short cuts and easy way out (more…)

Hello surfers, yes,… that means you! November 30, 2010

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Welcome to my blog and this is my first entry with a warm welcome to you. First, do not believe all that you read here because I intend to use this blog as a diary and input material for a book that I’m writing.

Introduction, I’m a taxi driver for decades and have met ten of thousands of people with interesting background and all walks of life. There is no reason why I shouldn’t share these experience with all you good folks out there and I trust in time to come, I may just have a big fan club (ya, ya, wishful thinking).

Some of you must be wondering, what in the world is “Enginomist” (look there, there is a prominent red line under that word between the colons from the intelligent spell check tool, telling me that there is no such word.) In this blog, I am going to share my insights on this too.

As my taxi’s engine is still running, I got to go get my next passenger for now.

Once again, a welcome to my blog and do come back again!