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Wikileaks website no longer accessible but… December 3, 2010

Posted by Enginomist in Enginomist.
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… it still work if you type the domain number of WikiLeaks.org. If like most of us who try to find using a search engine or web browser will not be able to get it. (Read more)

only wikileaks dns still accessible

However, for those of you who would like to know what is Wikileaks’ IP address to access the website, I’ll leave them in this post’s tags (on top below December 3, 2010) for the courtesy of those who, like some of the corporations, give in to political pressure and see Wikileaks as a knife that hurts, rather than protect from those who could inflict hurt. It still works as of when I am writing this post. Clicking on it doesn’t bring you there and perhaps, you would have to copy it down to be type in your browser.

Due to the overwhelming curiosity (like me) and interest in the site, expect to wait a while to get to see Julian Assange and his appeal to “KEEP US STRONG- HELP WIKILEAKS KEEP GOVERNMENTS OPEN”.